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The Equalizer..

The last Image (of three) taken at the same time as the previous two posts. Probably my least favourite but still good processing practice.  



This is taken a little earlier than the shot in my previous post (Check it out here) In both images I’ve been practising using luminosity masking in my workflow – I’m happy to say I […]


Fishing Boats ..?

Taken at “The Duck Pond” Darwin Northern Territory – Click on the image for a better view. Disappointing there wasn’t more cloud to make the sky interesting, and I can’t tell you anything about these […]


Vesty’s Beach Sunset

  I was scouting for something to try my hand at “focus stacking” with, and whilst this isn’t really a good image to try it on (ideally need something in the foreground and background big […]


Vesty’s Beach

I’ve been in a bit of a photographic rut just lately, so I’ve been trying some new things – in particular black and white photography (see previous post), but having walked for miles along the […]