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Fogg Dam – G+ Photowalk

There we were, camera’s locked on tripods, enough memory loaded to crash a modern supercomputer, chemically aided invisibility cloaking from the mozzies trying to penetrate our flesh with their needle sharp, virus ridden, hypodermic appendages. […]


New Years Day 2014

As we did last year we took the opportunity for an early morning drive out to Litchfield Park, but this time I was determined to get there early enough to catch the sunrise colours behind […]


Early Morning at the Ski Club Boat Ramp

I was looking in the opposite direction of the sunrise, watching the changing light as the sun got higher in the sky. Within a few minutes the pink started to fade and it became bluer […]


Early Morning at Vestys Beach

I needed a shot for my 52Week group on Flickr, and decided I need to try and simplify my images and try not to have too many competing elements etc.. Tech Info: Canon 5DMk2, 17-40 […]


Lagoon Sunrise.

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