East Point_Exploring the Black & White Perspective

For some obscure reason, I’ve recently been drawn to playing around with black and white photography. I’d like to think that there is a deep and meaningful reason for the shift from colour, perhaps it’s because by nature I think in terms of black and white (right and wrong) and it’s only the many years of corporate bullshit that have conditioned me to add the shades of grey, necessary to negotiate the daily grind… More likely it’s because the XT-1 allows me to see the scene in black and white through the viewfinder – thus removing the guesswork I would have had to do with my Canon 5D or 7D.

Whatever the reason I’m quite liking the process from capture to print, and whilst I’ve scoffed about black and white in the past, I’m happy to eat humble pie (so long as it’s pecan) – there is something quite soothing about the images, perhaps because of the simplicity (not necessarily mine, but B&W images in general), whatever the reason I think I might try some long exposures next.

Stay well !

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters


The Lone Ranger


Waiting to be reunited


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