The Grampians

Just recently returned from a 3 week drive around parts of Victoria, spent some time with my Mum and Dad which is always good, considering we’re all getting older it’s nice to stop and smell the roses now and again.

We saw some great scenery, and froze my arse off.

Today just a couple of pictures from the Grampians, and I’ll follow-up with some more as I process them.

As you’ll see we had a little walk in the bush leading up to the lookout, visibility was excellent (I jest) and the view was outstanding..

We tried again the next day but were confronted with another arctic blizzard, so it is what it is, and that’s part of the adventure..


Part of the Walk up to the Balconies lookout


From the Lookout, looking in the opposite direction to the “Balconies”

For the photo people reading this, I used my Fuji XT1 exclusively for all landscape shots and mostly the 10-24 f4 lens.

Did I mention it was very cold??


Stay Well.

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