I asked the Question.. So now I must Answer

Can the Fuji XT-1 replace my canon’s ??

After one week of ownership these are my impressions so far;

I ordered the Fuji from Bruce at  European Camera Specialists (A pleasure to deal with, no bullshit, just good quality service) which arrived a few days before the Easter long weekend, and as it happens we had planned to spend a few days of it walking some tracks around Edith Falls and Katherine Gorge – I couldn’t think of a better way to test out the wee beastie (the pessimist in me took the 7D, 10-22, and 70-300L, filters etc. just in case).

I’ve also ordered some supplies from Ebay,  a few spare batteries, a faster SD card than I had laying around (all my other cameras use CF cards so I stole one from my video camera), a step up ring so I can use my polariser, and a Cokin adapter for my Z-Pro filter system, unfortunately none of these items arrived before the weekend so I went into the bush filterless, but full of anticipation…

I’ve never used a mirrorless camera before so I have no measure to compare it against, other than my previous Canon stable (400D, 7D, 5D mk2 all of which I still have), neither have I ever used or even looked through a camera with an EVF, so every comparison / discussion / critique  I’d read really didn’t mean a lot to me, what I focused on was, ease of use, image quality and weight. In respect of the ease of use, I sat down with a cuppa and a hot cross bun and read the manual (albeit briefly) and went through the menu settings and made a few changes to see how they would go, and was ready to shoot – so pretty easy to setup and use. I only made one change to the custom buttons at this stage but that may change once I shoot with it a bit more.

I can say without doubt that that image quality is certainly on par with all of my current Canon lineup for landscape work. All images below were converted from RAW in LR 5.4 and adjusted as I would normally do with similar images from any of my other cameras (a couple of the images I transferred over to PS CC to remove some overhanging branches using the patch tool, but otherwise all other adjustments in LR 5.4).

At this stage there’s nothing to dislike, I did get caught out by using iso setting “L” in the misapprehension that lower is better, but it turns out anything less than 200 ISO is ‘jpeg’ only, which isn’t much chop when you’re trying to fix a few blown highlights in the clouds, I also tried the  “A” ISO setting and limited it 1600 max, and am quite impressed, with negligible noise, even from the RAW files..

We walked a little over 20 Klm’s over the day and half, and I carried the XT-1 with 35 1.4, and the  10-24 4 as well as my water bottle in a shoulder bag for the whole time and the weight on my shoulder was almost non-existent – Bloody Brilliant.

I really like;

  • the EVF, especially  the WYSIWYG output to see the effect of any changes you make (not a huge deal for those with a bit of experience, but it certainly highlights when you forget to change your ISO or shutter speed in Manual mode).
  • Small and Light
  • The live view histogram in the EVF
  • Small and light
  • Film simulations especially ASTIA/Soft
  • It just feels good in your hand.
  • Love the dials instead of having to press buttons and turn dials to change settings
  • did i mention how small and light it is.

Anyway enough drivel, I’ll let the images do the talking;

Until next time… Stay well.

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  1. tuan June 21, 2014 at 12:02 am #

    Sounds like I need to get something lighter… the 5D is too bulky for most family outings and quick trips.