Had you asked me six months ago if I could take some images of people, my standard reply was “sorry – people are just not my thing” the truth is even though many people see me as confident when dealing with others, I find it ‘hard work’ to engage with people, particularly people I don’t know.

These people however, are friends (well daughters of friends to be exact), so donuts and coffee before hand, some idle chit chat whilst i set up my softbox and flash and we were in full swing. On previous occasions Dusty (the baby) had proven to be quite the diva, but today she was a gem, big sister Tyler (always beautiful) kept her engaged and making silly faces whilst I clicked away in the hope one or two might be in focus.

It was a great session, and we ended up with pics of all the family, thanks to Amber and Mark for having me over and capturing some memories for them.

Who's a bunny?

Who’s a bunny?




Till next time..

Stay Well.

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