Fogg Dam – G+ Photowalk

There we were, camera’s locked on tripods, enough memory loaded to crash a modern supercomputer, chemically aided invisibility cloaking from the mozzies trying to penetrate our flesh with their needle sharp, virus ridden, hypodermic appendages. We would not be swayed in our endeavor to catch the beautiful morning light and everything that was prepared to share it with us.

We were here for the birds… not in an Alfred Hitchcock kind of way, more along the lines of Sir David Attenborough.

They came, and they stayed in their hundreds, Egrets, Herons, Cormorants, Darters, Willy Wagtails, Finches, the occasional Jabiru (Black Necked Stork (even though it’s really blue)) and many more.

It was good to catch up with some regulars, as well as meet some new people. We didn’t mingle as much as we should have, but there’s always next time..

Why, I hear you ask, are there not more images if there was so many birds ??? Well the truth is, not only did I have a cracking headache, but I just couldn’t get in the groove – some days are like that!

Stay well


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