Can the Fuji X-T1 replace my Canon’s ?

A few years ago I was the recipient of some news that was to reshape the way I do almost everything, and whilst it hasn’t stopped me doing anything, it has certainly made me re-think the how, and what the consequences will be (i.e. recovery time).

A  degenerated disk at L5/S1, and 3 compressed disks about level with my shoulder blades will do that to you…

What’s wrong with my existing gear…?

Weight.. It’s HEAVY – damn heavy!

Carrying either my 5DMk2 (primarily for landscape or general purpose) or the 7D (wildlife general purpose) and a couple of lenses even with a decent backpack (with  waist belt), it gets very heavy, even after a short time, so walking for 5 days over part of the Annapurna Circuit is not something high on my priorities with any of my existing kit !

The Possible Solution…


After many hours of internet research I’ve narrowed it down to the Fuji X-T1.

I did also consider the Sony A7 as a serious contender, and one of the positives as a full frame camera is that it also has the ability to use my L Series glass with the metabones adapter (a cost saving – woo hoo), it turns out this was also a negative, as my goal is weight /siize reduction, so if i’m still carrying my big arse Canon lenses I’ve achieved very little (boo hoo), also the native lens lineup for the Sony is currently pretty limited, and I don’t want to wait 12 months + for more desirable options to come out.

The Fuji on the other hand has a seriously good looking native lens line up with more on the horizon. As an all round travel/ready for anything kit, I’m already salivating over the 10-24 4, 16-55 2.8 (not available yet), and the 50-140 2.8 (not available yet), though one should not rule out the desirability of the 35 1.4, and 56 1.2 for portraiture, and of course I’ll need a macro, and for wildlife there’s a new superzoom coming, as yet unspecified, but rumored to be 120-400 and if it was f4 constant that would be super cool (sorry about that, started to go into a GAS induced daydream).

Fuji Question Marks…

I’m just an amatuer/hobbyist, so it doesn’t have to put food on my table, having said that, I do want it to be as good as it can be, with my limited skills/ability, and no less than my existing set up.

Everything I’ve seen and read seems to indicate that it will perform beyond my abilities, and the focus tracking appears to be able to keep up with wildlife, people etc, so all of those questions get a tick.

My single biggest concern, having read many reports on the issues with processing the RAW files in Lightroom (my photo editor of choice) is – “ Will I be able to generate files I’m completely happy with” ??

My plan as you may have deduced is to replace my existing Canon kit with the Fuji, and if I do, it will of course be a staggered approach as I transition from one to the other.

While I wait for local availability so that I can hold/play etc, hopefully LR5 will release an update for the X-T1 files and then I’ll try and download some RAW files to play with (if I can find some), until then I’ll just take the one lens I think I’ll use most, and not walk too far..

Stay tuned for the big decision.

Stay well.

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