New Years Day 2014

As we did last year we took the opportunity for an early morning drive out to Litchfield Park, but this time I was determined to get there early enough to catch the sunrise colours behind some falls, I have to be honest I didn’t really care which falls nor did I have an actual plan (surprise hey?).

Just get there early, and leave it up to the gods of photography to look after me (so long as I could get something with some colour in the sky I’d be happy).

We realised by the look of the sky our best opportunity was to try Tolmer Falls, as it’s probably the highest and I think it blocks the early morning sun from Florence, so it was the best opportunity for some colour before the sun got too high and bright.

This is what we got at Tolmer;

The god’s where smiling on me..I got some colour at last.

We went down to Wangi Falls, but I wasn’t liking anything there so we stopped off at Buley for a cuppa before heading home..

Until next time…

Stay Well.


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