Lacey – R.I.P

Our Best Friend

Our Best Friend

It was a very sad and sorry week for us this week as we had to say goodbye to our very much loved dog, companion, playmate and best friend.

Although she was only about 9 or 10 years old, she’d been sick with a mystery illness about a month earlier, and despite the blood tests, x-rays, and ultra sounds, the vet’s were unable to pin point exactly what the problem was. A course of anti biotic helped and she appeared to be back to normal for a few weeks but went down hill quickly late last week, and without operating to ascertain the cause and possible solution (internal bleeding etc) there was little else we, or the vets could do…

I never had any pets as a child, and never really appreciated just how much of a positive impact they can can have on your life – regardless of your mood they’re always happy to see you, when you feel like acting the fool they’re always willing to join in the fun. She was sad when we left and happy when we returned, regardless of were we where or what we where doing she was right there with us, never more than a few steps away.

I thought I was handling it all quite well, you know a typical bloke – rational, matter of fact etc – but in the end it turns out she was stronger and braver than I’ll ever be.

Although I’m writing this less than 24hrs after we’ve said goodbye, I’m not sure I want to be without a dog in my life going forward, I’m not sure I want to live without the unconditional affection, and companionship given by having a dog in your life, and whilst any other dog won’t replace what we had with Lacey, they may well fill the void left by her passing, perhaps not just yet, but soon I hope.

Until next time.

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