Keep River NP


The final destination was Keep River NP, about 800 Klm’s from Darwin, but before we left we had some things to address with the camping rig.


First and foremost  – we had to figure out why our car fridge kept melting plugs?? I had it on good authority my problem was one of ‘connection’ – i.e, the little ciggy plug had a crap connection and we needed something better, just recently I’d changed some plugs in the battery box of the camper trailer to ‘Anderson’ type plugs, which are rated at 50 amps, can take wire up to about 10mm, and have a very solid connection – they’ve worked great for charging the camper battery, so armed with a few metres of 6mm twin core and a few of these plugs I set about changing the dedicated fridge plug in the back of the Pajero (2nd battery installed for just this purpose), and also the plug on the end of the fridge lead. Everything went pretty well and we tested it a few days prior to the trip and so far no issues.

The Pajero needed a new deep cycle battery for the fridge, and I checked the oil, tyres, water, etc, all good to go.


We left Darwin on Saturday morning and headed for Katherine, where we filled up with fuel and coffee scrolls from Brumby’s, before we headed for Flora River NP..


Flora River NP_-1.jpgFlora River NP_-2.jpg


Lovely spot – Kathleen Falls is the pick from a photographic perspective, it was difficult to do it justice during the middle of the day, but with a campground that had both showers and toilets, it lends itself to further investigation at another time, for now we decided to press on to Victoria River homestead and camp there rather than setting up after dark.




With the morning sun bouncing off the escarpment the day was beckoning us forward to Keep River NP, as it was only a 3 hour drive to get there we decided to set up camp first and wait for a few hours before we hit the 7klm walking track at Jarnem campground.

jarnem CampgroundKeepRiver_-8.jpgKeepRiver_-9.jpgKeepRiver_-10.jpgKeepRiver_-11.jpgKeepRiver_-13.jpgFrom The Lookoutc69-Pano_-2.jpgThe sunset view from my camp chair.Thought this may look a little better at sunrise..Sunrise

Jarnem’s a great spot, toilets (pit), bbq’s and fresh water are available, but no generators allowed so a bit quieter for those of us getting away from it all as opposed to taking it all with us!

The other camp ground at Keep River is Gurrandalng, and there’s another walk from this spot which we saved for sunrise the next morning.

If you only have a limited time to spend here this is the place to come, for an easy walk with a good, great views of the escarpment ! This is our third trip to Keep River so we’re getting to know what we want to see, and at what time it looks fabulous (reflecting the majesty of it all in images is the challenge).


c72-Pano_-3.jpgKeepRiver_-14.jpgKeepRiver_-15.jpgThats my Lovely wife over there...KeepRiver_-18.jpgKeepRiver_-19.jpgKeepRiver_-20.jpgThe burning bush..


After the sunrise walk we made a quick stop to Cockatoo Lagoon, before heading to Kununurra, just over the WA border (about 50klm away), where we fuelled up the car, had some brunch, checked out the Lovell gallery (which has a new name but I ‘ve forgotten it) and a quick walk around Mirimar NP before heading back to camp.


GrevilliaWhistling KitePink GalahSkippy and the Brolga'sI'm looking at you!BrolgaKeepRiver_-29.jpgTurkey BushKapokMirimar NP | KununurraMirimar NP | KununurraMirimar NP | KununurraMirimar NP | KununurraMirimar NP | Kununurra


We had one more walk to do – Jinumum, when we fist came here it was called Keep River Gorge, probably the least impressive of them all, but we still had to walk off the fantastic brunch we had at Rumors café in Kununurra, so off we went.


Boabs on the walk in.KeepRiver_-35.jpgKeep River Gorge KeepRiver_-37.jpg



And that my friends is…. THE END.

Stay well, until next time


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