Jim Jim Falls

With two long weekends back to back here in Darwin, it’s almost obligatory that we spend some time either in the bush or on the water!

I subscribe to the former group and keep my feet firmly planted on the ground, with that in mind we took a day trip on the first long weekend (show day) out to Jim Jim Falls, which is about a 500 klm round trip, with the last 60 klm’s designated as 4WD only.

It’s pretty easy-going in the Pajero, but given the twists and turns of the last 10 klm’s or so, it takes more than an hour for the 4wd portion of the trip, plenty of time to soak up the views of the bush and surrounding escarpment.

At this time of year there’s bugger all water flowing over the falls, but it does allow you to get up close to the plunge pool, and if you’re feeling particularly hot, it’s an ideal place for a cool dip. The walk in isn’t particularly difficult but toward the end you’ve got to scramble over a few rocks to get into the “beach” area and plunge pool.

On the way home we stopped at a billabong – the name of which escapes me.. anyway we watched a few whistling ducks and Jacana’s flapping about and soaked up the setting sun before we headed home, in all a long but enjoyable day.

Jim Jim Falls-1.jpgJim Jim Falls-2.jpgJim Jim Falls-3.jpgJim Jim Falls-4.jpgJim Jim Falls-6.jpgJim Jim Falls-7.jpgJim Jim Falls-8.jpgJim Jim Falls-9.jpgJim Jim Falls-10.jpgJim Jim Falls-11.jpgJim Jim Falls-12.jpgJim Jim Falls-13.jpgJim Jim Falls-15.jpgJim Jim Falls-14.jpgJim Jim Falls-16.jpg

This was a nice little warm up, for our trip away on Darwin Cup weekend when we head off to Keep River NP, out near the WA border..


Until Next time..

Stay well

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