My Flash Journey..

Gobble Gobble

Gobble Gobble

From my last post you would know that I’ve recently received some extra flash units, I also acquired some more triggers to control everything remotely, as well as 1 x rectangular soft box and 1 x octabox so that I can better control the light (eventually – once I learn how it all works!).

My very first images that I posted last time, although I was reasonably happy with the last image, I had three flashes going off pointing in all different directions, light stands all over the place, backgrounds flapping in the breeze, and needed to do a fair bit of post to clean up backgrounds, flare etc. By comparison, the above image was taken with two flashes, some white cardboard to act as reflectors, and it took about 2 minutes in post to get this final image..

So what did I do differently?

Firstly I started with one flash directly overhead slightly angled to shape the light onto the front of the bottle and can. Once I was happy with the light, exposure, etc I then added a reflector (white cardboard) either side of the subjects and moved them around a bit until I was happy with the where all the light was going. Everything appeared OK but the top of the bottle lacked some definition, so I added another flash and pointed it directly at the bottle, power as low as it would go, diffuser in place – too bright! So I aimed it toward the black backdrop and with increasing the power I got the look I was after, though I’m not entirely convinced with the bright spot in the top left side where the flash was aimed..

Anyway that was it, a bit of playing with pouring the liquids to get it right and shutter speed sorted, in post I applied a little contrast, and some selective dodging and burning in LR5…voila!

Still more to learn but I’m really enjoying expanding my photographic horizons, I think a few more static subjects and then I’ll see if I can con some poor unsuspecting human to act as my model…

Stay Well.

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