I hate getting up early..

But I do love to watch the city come alive…thankfully at this time of year the sunrise is pretty late in the morning anyway, so it’s not too much of a burden.

I’m not sure if it’s just because I get my lazy arse out of bed earlier than normal, or because I get to let my mind drift off into exotic and far away places whilst staring into the beginning of a new day – but whatever it is, I always feel better about myself, the world, and everything else after watching the sunrise. I just don’t get the same feeling with sunset?

Not much happening lately, but I felt a bit of withdrawal having not shot any landscapes for a few weeks, so I rectified that with a sunset one weekend followed by a sunrise the next. I’m waiting on a couple of solid ND filters to play around with some longer exposures, so that should be interesting, also planning a few weekend getaways over the next few long weekends, so I should get a bit of the bush back into my system after that.

Until next time..

Stay Well.

A new day dawns.-1.jpgDripstone Sunrise-1.jpgNightcliff Sunset-1.jpg

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