Another Golden Glow

This was the plan…

I’d meet up with my lovely wife, and we’d get some fish and chips and watch the sunset  – where I would try to get a shot of something themed around “Ocean” for my 52 Week group on Flickr, BUT..

As it turned out the last pieces of my flash setup arrived (a few extra flash guns, trigger’s, a couple of light stands, a rectangular soft box, and a octabox) and I got a little carried away with playing with that, and left it a wee bit late to get the food before the sun had set, not to worry I didn’t forget my wife, and we did  manage to get to Nightcliff before the sun had set completely.

I got three shots which I thought were OK, I really love the textures of the rock and the crack so I thought I would have a go at capturing that, which is what I ended up using for my 52Week group.

Nightcliff Sunset-1-2.jpgNightcliff Sunset-1.jpgNightcliff Sunset-2.jpg

What about the flash setup ???

Works extremely well, I’ve got no idea how to use it all, but I reckon I’ll have a blast trying to figure it all out, below are the first few images I’ve managed to capture, one of which I’ll use for next weeks 52Week Group..


Oh…I did get some fish and chips on the way home, which we enjoyed in the comfort of our humble home.


Stay Well


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