Lagoon Sunrise.

We had another long weekend this weekend so we though we might slip down to Leaning Tree Lagoon nice and early to see if I could get a half descent sunrise image, and just generally have a little look around to see what else was in the area.


As you can see we did manage a reasonably good sunrise, unfortunately not a lot of colour in the sky, but we looked around for a few hours and chased some Jabiru’s around the lagoon, lot’s of skippy’s, Egrets, Kookaburra’s, Rainbow Bee Eaters, Pygmy Geese etc.

It’s not as easy to get as close to the water as Fogg Dam, but still plenty of wildlife around to keep the naturalist or shutterbug happy.

If you go early – take your mozzie repellent – they are their in plague proportion.

Stay well


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