Around the House..

During the 4 day break over Easter I’ve been out twice with the intention of taking some photo’s, once down to Nightcliff during the middle of the day (very overcast and drizzling on and off), and out to Litchfield Park for the day on Sunday, and after both excursions I have about three decent images, the rest are I went for a walk around the house to see what I could find ….

c4-Around the Garden-1-2.jpgc43-Around the Garden-1-3.jpgc45-Around the Garden-1.jpgc5-Around the Garden-2-2.jpgc56-Around the Garden-2.jpgc64-Around the Garden-6.jpgc73-Around the Garden-4.jpgc84-Around the Garden-7.jpgc96-Around the Garden-3.jpgc97-Around the Garden-5.jpg

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