Angkor Wat

This will be the last post of my Angkor Holiday, It was a fantastic 4 days and I have to say that my favourite sites where (in no particular order), Benteay Srei, Bayon, Preah Khan and Beng Mealea, that’s not to take anything away from the rest of them, and the big one – Angkor Wat, was certainly very impressive both in dimension and design, I just really liked those four.

Tips for potential travellers, would be as follows’

  • leave early to avoid the crowds – real early..
  • make sure you have a hat and some drinking water (we’re from a tropical climate so are pretty well acclimatised, and used to drinking plenty of water, so we had no issues at all, we did however see some people even younger than us struggle with the heat)
  • if you really want to see stuff  – GET OFF YOUR ARSE AND WALK, and don’t just follow the normal tourist route.
  • wear really comfortable shoes, leave those big arse hiking boots at home unless they’re really comfortable, you won’t need them!
  • for the keen photographers – W  I  D  E  angle is a must (I took a few lenses but really only used my 17-40, and probably my 24-105 most of all)
  • if you’re out and about early be ready for lots of shadow and bright light through the tree’s etc – maybe consider multiple exposures and blending or HDR to show it how it really was.
  • for gods sake TAKE THE TIME TO SOAK IT ALL UP it’s great, the people are great, food is great, and beer is cheap..

Now for the Angkor Wat photo’s;

2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_147_Angkor Wat.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_150_Angkor Wat.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_153_Angkor Wat.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_155_Angkor Wat.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_157_Angkor Wat.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_161_Angkor Wat.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_165_Angkor Wat.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_166_Angkor Wat.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_174_Angkor Wat.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_179_Angkor Wat.jpg

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