Angkor Wat Archeological Park | Ta Phrom

This is the site made famous by the Tomb Raider movie, unfortunately the tree and roots which feature so prominently has a wooden platform built around it so I didn’t take the classic shot and instead tried an alternate view, but your certainly not starved for choice if you’re looking for giant fig’s taking over the temples..

The guide-book tells us that “Ta Phrom was built by Jayavarman VII for his mum, and consecrated in 1186, and was apparently the centrepiece of a city with more than 10,000 people, also an active Buddhist monastery” so there you have it – history lesson out-of-the-way.

There was a lot of reconstruction work going on when we visited with tarp’s, cranes etc, all over the place, so I concentrated on trying to get images without any man-made objects flapping around.

I enjoyed our time here and like the rest of the temples, It’s very impressive, but not one of my top three.

2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_014_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_019_32bitHDR_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_019_32bitHDR- Edit_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_024- Edit_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_027_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_033- Edit_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_034_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_037_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_040- Edit_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_041_32bitHDR_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_044_32bitHDR_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_048_49_50- Edit_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_058- Edit_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_060- Edit_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_063_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_067- Edit_Ta Prohm.jpg2013Feb16_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_068- Edit_Ta Prohm.jpg

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  1. Amber March 4, 2013 at 10:47 am #

    wow……These are amazing you are truly gifted !