Angkor Wat Archaeological Park | Bayon and beyond

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Bayon: Was certainly one of the more impressive structures we saw, and i guess the most stand out feature was the ‘faces’, whilst you can see them on the other temples they seem to have gotten a bit carried away with how clever they where, and carved them everywhere ! Not a bad thing because they’re pretty impressive.


Ta Som: This one was only a little one, but it had a wicked tree growing all over the entrance way at one end of the compound. As with all of the temples I never cease to be amazed at how well-preserved the carving are (some have been restored), given their age..

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Neak Pean: Unfortunately we got here right in the middle of the day and you’ can’t walk around it (you’re stuck behind a barrier with one vantage point only) so no interesting angles or trying to get the sun behind you for a good shot.

Nice enough but you can’t get close enough to see any real detail, so it’s a bit ho hum.

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I think one more post will just about exhaust my Cambodian adventure…until then Stay Well.

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