I Don’t Understand.

I Don’t Understand Why;

Immigration issues;

We allow refugees who came here illegally to live in our community (because even though we keep building new detention centre’s we’ve run out of room), subsidised by our taxes (rent, electricity, food, etc) but do not allow them to work in any way, yet our own Australian born children who are actively seeking employment must “work for the DOLE” in order to receive financial assistance, even our prisoners (who are also in breach of the law, just like illegally arriving in our country) are quite often seen picking up rubbish and maintaining parks and gardens – please explain!

We continue to accept bad behaviour from these people (smashing computers, rioting etc), and instead of sending them back from where they came, we give them good behaviour bonds.

These people can afford $10,000 – 20,000 USD each for their passage, but we provide free everything including psychologists, barristers etc the likes of which most middle class Aussies cannot afford, shit they even get day trips to cinema’s, zoo’s art galleries etc (the last time I took the family to the cinema (4 people) it cost me nearly $100 AUD (4 tickets + 4 choc tops, no drinks no popcorn, no lollies). How about we treat this like HECS and if they’re allowed to stay in the country they have to pay back what it cost the taxpayer to fund their initial stay, just like our kids have to do, to get a degree.

I understand that we have a legal and moral obligation to help genuine refugees, but when blind Freddy can deduce that the majority of these people are having a lend, just to try to jump the que surely we should be saying something along the lines of “If you cannot prove who you are upon arrival and are not able to justify genuine refugee status in a reasonable amount of time (we should just be checking facts not establishing a case on their behalf), you’ll be sent back on the next chartered flight”. I believe this would be better for their mental well being, better for the taxpayers purse, and may well send a message to all the others that we will not be scammed…but, If you’re genuine we’ll embrace you like our brother.

New Australians coming from detention centre’s are reportedly getting up to $10,000 in white goods, bedding, etc as a gift from the taxpayers, when they are given residency status along with the obligatory housing commission house, and welfare payments until they find a job? All the while we have tens of thousands of Australian citizens, including those immigrants who came here legally (457 visa’s etc), some living below the poverty line, being told to get off their fat lazy arse and earn those privileges or put up with what you’ve got.
Does not Charity begin at home?

Aboriginal Equality:

In some instances (not sure how or why), but aboriginal kids get lunch provided at schools, but kids from other backgrounds don’t? Is parental neglect from non-aboriginal people OK?

In the wake of the 30% power increases here in the Northern Territory, I read recently that aboriginal communities get an 80% subsidy on their power costs? with that sort of cost saving I don’t understand why we continue to hear about the “third world conditions” of many of these communities! I have no issue with the taxpayers picking up the extra cost of delivery for the services (power & water) but surely they should have to pay the same costs per Kw / kL as the rest of the community..

When advertising for a position vacant is “Aboriginals are urged to apply” the same as “Non- Aboriginals are discouraged to apply”?

Why do we have to have Aboriginal only land, and all Australians land (including Aboriginals), why can’t it be Australian land, managed for the benefit of all Australians?

If I call a black man a black fella, I’m a racist, but if he calls me a white fella, it’s OK because I am??

In remote WA (Kimberley and Pilbara regions) Aboriginal folk are paid $5 a week if they own a dog, to help them feed it, and yes I understand the reason behind it and the ‘dog health program’ to stop parasites etc within the communities, blah blah blah, all very good and noble, but why should the taxpayer shoulder the burden of costs for an individuals decision to own a dog? Why don’t I get a subsidy for my dog to help me with the costs of vaccinations, food, etc?

Given that Aboriginal people are afforded access to all of the benefits other Australians have access to, plus have additional benefits not accessible by others  – do we call that discrimination, elitism, generosity or humanitarian?

Many government forms ask if you identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander…..why should it matter, aren’t we all Australians?

How do we have true reconciliation between Aboriginals and Non Aboriginals when the same treatment and opportunities are not available to both..


Disability support pension is less than 70% of the national minimum wage, assuming the recipients are genuine, surely given the additional costs of care / medicine / re-hab etc we should allow these people to either earn more or provide additional medical assistance.

High Schools give out awards willy nilly, when I went to high school, at the final assembly for the year, awards were given out acknowledging the effort or individual scores of select topics, or fields of endeavor (and rightly so). Awards where along the lines of best overall student in each subject (whether it was male or female), Dux of the class, male and female to acknowledge overall scores, and other bits and bops at the discretion of the teaching faculty – I recently went to my son’s graduation and the awards included (but were not limited to) best male and female in each subject, best aboriginal student in each subject, best boarding student in each subject, best ESL (english as a second language) student in each subject, sports, dux of the class, etc..It was like there was genuine effort to give every year 12 student some kind of award, a bit like back in kindy where everyone is given something so no one gets upset.. Does this really help their self esteem or de-value the genuine hard work or natural ability of some of the students?

We keep being told that we have to have more women in politics, more Aboriginals in parliament etc.. surely it should be up to the people to elect their representatives in a democracy, and not be constrained by quotas, will we shape our country for the better, or just shape it differently?

Why does being middle class feel like we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, a place where, we seem to pay for all of the government’s generosity – we earn too much to access all sorts of concessions, payments, benefits etc (in some cases being worse off than earning less), but not enough to move forward, can’t save enough to structure our finances, so as to minimize tax like the rich folk…stuck in the middle

Why can’t we just have “Australian’s”, regardless of your heritage, black, white, chinese, serbian, etc If you’re an Australian citizen, should we not all have access to the same benefits for healthcare, education, employment, land ownership, benefits when we’re unemployed, disabled, retired etc, should we not be able to gaze upon the same stars in the sky and thank whichever God we choose, that we ended up in this beautiful country, why do we need to provide concessions for some on the basis of religion, race or whatever else the bleeding hearts dream up, is it really too hard for the government to treat everyone the same?

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