Angkor Wat Archeological Park | Beng Mealea

Beng Mealea was one of my favorite places visited during our time in Siem Reap, maybe because it was the first place we visited properly, but the place felt like I expected it too. The jungle was taking over, it was quite (we were the only ones here at the time) and a little bit mysterious.

Apparently Beng Mealea is located on the ancient Royal road between Angkor Wat and Preah Khan, and was built during the reign of Suryavarman II (a king of the Khmer Empire from 1113 AD to 1145-1150 AD).

Very interesting place, the carvings etc where detailed and quite intricate and considering the age they where all in remarkably good condition. A lot of the photo’s I’ve converted to B+W or selectively de-saturated to try to emulate the feel of the place (as best as my limited skills will allow). Whilst colour shows it as it actually is, I reckon the de-saturated photo’s better show how It felt during our few hours there.

Enjoy the photo’s, and don’t be afraid to comment, unfortunately I only have images of part of the temple due to a laptop malfunction, and temporary death – I thought I had already downloaded my entire CF card and subsequently re-formatted, only to find half my images not there once the laptop was fixed (so i’m now trying to rescue them without much success).


2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_158.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_160- Edit.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_164_32bitHDR.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_169- Edit.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_174_32bitHDR.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_184_32bitHDR- Edit.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_190.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_191.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_195.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_201_32bitHDR- Edit.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_207_32bitHDR- Edit.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_226- Edit.jpg2013Feb15_Holiday_SiemReap_Singapore_227.jpg

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