New Years Day at Litchfield park

We decided that a little trip to Litchfield Park was in order for the start of the new year, neither of us are big on crowds so we left home at ‘0 dark Hundred’ (about 05:30 hrs really) so that we might be there in time for sunrise. I thought this may look interesting, photographically, as the sun poked it’s head above Florence falls – unfortunately we got there a bit too late and the sun was already quite bright. Never the less we pushed on and walked down to the bottom of the falls, braved the spiders right at face level across the pathway, and back up to the car park via the loop walk, before we headed off to Buley Rockholes (which feed the Florence falls), and on the way out we stopped for a cuppa at the magnetic termite mounds.

I really enjoyed being here with no other person around….I may have to do it again sometime.

Click on the images below for a larger view.

c19-Litchfield Park_010113-3.jpgc2-Litchfield Park_010113-6.jpgc20-Litchfield Park_010113-10.jpgc31-Litchfield Park_010113-8.jpgc34-Litchfield Park_010113-9.jpgc36-Litchfield Park_010113-11.jpgc49-Litchfield Park_010113-12.jpgc57-Litchfield Park_010113-5.jpgc11-Litchfield Park_010113-16.jpgc73-Litchfield Park_010113-15.jpgc45-Litchfield Park_010113-17.jpgc76-Litchfield Park_010113-1.jpgc25-Litchfield Park_010113-13.jpgc8-Litchfield Park_010113-4.jpgc51-Litchfield Park_010113-14.jpgc94-Litchfield Park_010113-2.jpgc96-Litchfield Park_010113-7.jpg

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