In the Studio

WOW – What a great day in the studio, first time for me using the studio strobes (these shots are just my little 430EX II and whatever other speedlights and strobes where going off at the time).

For a while now I’ve been interested in learning how to effectively use off camera flash, specifically for outdoor shoots but my budget will only run to normal speedlights not the fancy Elinchrom strobe’s we had access too this weekend (I think I see a secondhand canon 580 EX II and some light modifiers in my future that should keep my financial controller happy – I love my wife).

It’s certainly wet my appetite for more practice with the flash, so I can see myself spending a bit of time on google…

The Dancers where all students at various stages of their studies and were very patient with us..It’s a big learning curve but I’m looking forward to more flash / studio work.

Thanks again to NinaK for the use and guidance of all your stuff

For those interested in the techy stuff, the following gear was used;

– 5D Mk2

– 24-105 f4 L

– 430 EX II flash off camera about 2-3 metres from the subject

– 20 cm X 28 cm soft box (off ebay)

– A bloody lot of guesswork and dumb luck


Melissa_3.jpgPieta_3.jpgc2-Danial_2.jpgc60-Melissa_2.jpgc63-Kia_2.jpgc70-Danial&Kia_3.jpgc74-Danial & Kia.jpgc77-Pieta_1.jpgc90-Melissa_1.jpgc92-Pieta_2.jpgc97-Kia_1.jpg

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