An Evening with the Midges..

Bayview Haven, known by many of the locals as Baygon Haven..for good reason – the midges are ferocious!

The first image is a 32-bit HDR generated using the Photomatix 32-bit HDR plugin for LR, and then edited in LR4, the second image is a traditional HDR (exported tonemapped, re-imported etc), the rest are all single images processed in LR4

I might try and go inland on New Years day, and see what i can find in the bush..

Until my next post stay well…

2012Dec29_Bayview_001_32bitHDR- Edit.jpg2012Dec29_Bayview_010_32bitHDR- Edit.jpg2012Dec29_Bayview_018.jpg2012Dec29_Bayview_030.jpg2012Dec29_Bayview_034- Edit2.jpg

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