Coroboree Billabong – NT

Our last G+ meet up was for an evening cruise on the billabong.

Given my penchant for shooting birds I tooled up with my 7D and 120-300 f2.8 with 1.4X extender, what I didn’t allow for, was low light and a rocking boat, as a consequence all of my bird shots where rubbish – but as I’m a glass half full kind of bloke, what that means is I have another opportunity to go back and have another crack, maybe daytime ???

Below are some of the images I did manage to collect…

Stay well.

2012Nov24_Coroboree Billabong_67- Edit.jpg2012Nov24_Coroboree Billabong_51.jpg2012Nov24_Coroboree Billabong_16- Edit.jpg2012Nov24_Coroboree Billabong_102- Edit-2.jpg2012Nov24_Coroboree Billabong_118- Edit.jpg2012Nov24_Coroboree Billabong_152- Edit.jpg2012Nov24_Coroboree Billabong_1- Edit.jpg2012Nov24_Coroboree Billabong_3- Edit.jpg2012Nov24_Coroboree Billabong_5- Edit.jpg

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