Lazy and In a Hurry..

Last weekend i really wanted to go somewhere to take some pictures, but I was having a lazy weekend and really couldn’t get motivated to go anywhere to far afield.

The truth is, after sweating our arse’s off over the last few weekends mulching, digging, shovelling pebbles, and all other things associated with looking after a 2 acre yard, I didn’t really want to do anything too much, except laze around and enjoy it, BUT I really did need to take some pictures, because you see, I was starting to suffer from a very serious but not widely publicised outdoor photographers problem – Field Withdrawl Syndrome…

As the name suggests this affliction occurs when you haven’t been out in the field for a long time to take any images. Symptoms include, sweating and minor convulsions all over your body, cleaning camera equipment unnecessarily,  reading photography related blogs until your laptop battery goes flat, and even irritation with your wife when she tells you to go out and take some pictures!! Believe me this is not something you want to experience for too long! (P.S. this phenomenon may only be associated with very amateur photographers like myself, the pro’s may actually NEED to have a rest now and again?)

So, as I was rolling around with the dog (you can see her here) I liked the look of the clouds, and decided that I could indeed move my lazy arse and take a little drive into Nightcliff (about 25 km’s away) and see if I could make something half decent in the harsh light of day. I decided to be home in time for dinner with the family so I left before sunset, and although the clouds weren’t as nice I was reasonably happy with the outcome.

All images processed in LR4

Until my next post – Stay Well.



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