Sunrise at Lee Point.


I do like the sunrise, but unfortunately I have an aversion to waking up too early, and although I sometimes have the best intentions, my comfy bed and coffee in bed from my lovely wife on the weekends tend to win most of the time (I do try ..honestly).

Anyway Fathers day was the morning that was going to change, armed with my new Cokin Z-Pro ND grads, I was on a mission to catch the sunrise, before I had to come home and keep building a pathway in the garden (Is there no rest , even on fathers day??).

I planned to come here a few times as I thought it would give a nice clear  view of the sun popping over the horizon, what I forgot was the rest of the area is as boring as bat shit, with very little to add to the foreground interest – I did find a tree stump though, and I think that was as good as it was going to get.

The sun comes up pretty quick really, and unfortunately I had a bit of trouble with the filters fogging up and had to continually take them out and wipe them, as a result I didn’t get as many shots as I would have liked, but there’s alway next time…

After I finished shooting into the sun I turned around and, lo and behold the moon was still awake as well, so just to finish off the morning I took a few of that as well, then sat down and watched as a few fishing folk wandered down, and birds started to wake up, and it reminded me when I was working as a pastry cook  many moons ago I always loved having smoko right a sunrise time and watching the city come to life, it always felt fresh, and sometimes just a little bit magical..just like it was that morning.


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