G+ Photo walk – Light Painting with Fire.

The Venue was Lee Point Beach

Another enjoyable PhotoWalk last night, with a good bunch of people, and a couple of new faces, What I really liked about last night was not just the playful banter between like minded folks but that people are getting comfortable enough to ask each other questions, knowing that no-one will treat them like a complete dickhead!

A bit of planning went into this walk with Charles, Louise and I reconnoitring the area a few days earlier, to work out what would work, where to go, how much room we’ll need for flinging around great balls of fire, and importantly how long we’d have to make some pichaa’s..all so we wouldn’t look like complete dick heads, but also so we could help people with setting up their cameras to get a half reasonable shot..

On the night everyone else came down, the tide was out much further and no opportunities really existed for having the reflections in the foreground like we did a few days earlier, so we had to make do…

Of course the evening started with some sunset photo’s, and knowledge was being shared around with reckless abandon, as where bits of kit for others to try / learn how to use before committing to purchase.

Charles summoning the god’s of fire before lighting up.

Charles spun the Poi’s like a man possessed and we all franticly twiddled dials and pushed buttons in the hope we could capture something resembling what was happening in front of us, I was yelling out camera settings to anyone who could be bothered listening in the vain hope that everyone actually captured a reasonable shot of the fire spinning, and before you know it the night had come to an end..

Until next time….Stay Well.



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