Another Fogg Dam Excursion



Went for little look-see to Fogg Dam on the weekend just past, to have a look and see what sort of bird life was around (given that we’re coming to the end of the dry season I thought there may be a larger concentration of birds congregating around the water source), as it turns out we saw lots of different varieties but not big numbers.

I really wanted to use my Sigma 120-300 f2.8 + 1.4extender on my Canon 7D but my tripod is too flimsy for the weight, and I’ve not yet got the hang of hand holding the beast (may have to take up body building ??). Any how I used my Canon 70-300 L hand-held and whilst I didn’t have the reach and couldn’t play with the shallow DOF of the sigma, It was a really great morning watching the wildlife, and having coffee and biscuits with my lovely wife.

A bit about the Magpie Geese from wikipedia:

The Magpie Goose is found in a variety of open wetland areas such as floodplains and swamps. It is fairly sedentary apart from some movement during the dry season.This species is plentiful across its range, although this is significantly reduced in comparison to the range at time of European settlement. The range once extended as far south as the Coorong and the wetlands of the South-east of South Australia and Western Victoria. For Australia as a whole, it is not threatened and has a controlled hunting season when numbers are large.

I should have a few more images to post shortly, so stay tuned.

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