Kuala Lumpur

In late March I visited KL with a good friend of mine who grew up there. He had to attend some family business and it was a good opportunity to see KL through the eyes of a local.

I’d only visited once before and that was itself a very brief stopover of 2 days duration (at 4 days this wasn’t much better, but beggars can’t be choosers). We stayed the first few days in the city centre, and from there ventured out to Kim’s home town of Kampar.

On our journey to Kampar we took off at zero dark hundred and after a few hours on the road had our first breakfast of some very tasty steamed dumplings of various size’s and flavours (Kim’s a chef with his own restaurant in Darwin, and having known each other for a good few years, he knows what I won’t like, so with quick wink or nod I was good to go). You may have noticed I said first breakfast, this was to be a bit of a theme for our trip, two breakfasts (an hour or so apart), two lunches in much the same way, and I’m happy to report mostly only one dinner!

Whilst in Kampar, we visited the markets to catch up with Kim’s Uncle (and family) and had breakfast number 2, stocked up on supplies for the trip to his family burial grounds and spent some time fulfilling the customary obligations for his departed family members, upon our return we had our first lunch at the markets with the “char kway teow” master (it’s a traditional Malaysian dish and the master makes it the old-fashioned way using a wood / coal-fired burner and not gas). It was fantastic, very tasty, but having gotten used to the way Kim cooks it, if I have to be honest I prefer his style, even if it is cooked on gas.

The last few days of my stay we relocated to the Sunway Pyramid Hotel / convention centre, we stayed in the less ritzy side of the complex which had direct access to a huge shopping mall, complete with skating rink at the bottom, a bit more relaxed than the city centre and better access for Kim’s family and friends to visit…which reminds me, we did in fact have two dinners one evening with some of his class mates, the first dinner was great, the second a little more traditional, and thankfully I was pretty full and could only fit in a few satay’s 😉

I left a few days earlier than Kim to get back to work, but we did manage to see a lot of the local flavours and get some happy snaps of some of the famous landmarks, a few samples for you to see below.

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