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We’re always Learning…

Until recently I’ve used Adobe Lightroom as my main editing software, and although I had Photoshop Elements 9 I didn’t really use it as much as I should have, together with the fact, that most tutorials (both paid and free) are geared toward the full photoshop suite, I was left frustrated at the learning curve to try to get what I was after, so I downloaded the Beta version of Photoshop CS6 and started to play.

Like many budding photographers I follow many blogs of  established / accomplished artists all over the world, one such person I like the work of is Mr Sean Bagshaw who is 1/6th of Photo Cascadia. All of the artists are fantastic, but Mr Bagshaw has some video tutorials which show you how he progress’ through his digital workflow and how to extend dynamic range of your images using Photoshop, for a low low $79.99 USD.

I know that sounds like a lot of cash, and in truth I was deliberating over if I should stump up with the cash or not, particularly because I would be taking a leap based on what I knew from PSE9 and no experience at all with the FULL Photoshop.

I needn’t have worried, I’ve only got two-thirds of  the way through the first package (digital processing workflow – over 5hrs of video) and already I feel like I can do more than I ever could with PSE9. The instructional videos are easy to follow, I have the video and CS6 Beta open at the same time and follow what Mr Bagshaw explains (monkey see, monkey do!) using the files he supplies with the download pack.

The above image is the edited version the one below it straight out of the camera – ten minutes work and hey presto!.

For those of you reading this that consider themselves as moderately advanced beginners, as I do, then I highly recommend these instructional videos if you’re new to photoshop and looking for some relatively cheap guidance.

Keep on keeping on people.


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