Robin Falls

I’ve not been very creative lately and wanted to get away to play with the camera’s a bit more – so today we went for a morning drive out to Adelaide River and Robin Falls for breakfast, It turns out the pub doesn’t serve meals until 11am so a toasted sandwich from the servo was the order of the day.

A quick visit to the war memorial and then off to Robin Falls to test the old filters with the new camera.

I’ve had a cheap ‘ebay’ filter kit for a while and was never really happy with the images I’ve previously got when using them (it’s like a cokin or lee filter kit that allows you to slide in various filters), anyway I thought I’d give it a go on my new my 5D see if I have to sell another body part to fund the purchase of a ‘Lee Foundation Kit’.

I’m still not super happy with the filter arrangement, and now on the full frame camera I find that I can’t go any wider than 35mm without getting the filter frame in the image.

The images That I used the filters on are the falls and the  panorama of the creek (George Creek), in particular the images of the falls bothers me, I think the colour is a bit wonky…

Looks like I’ll have to spin the wheel to see which body part is going to fund the new “proper” filter kit, so that I can use it with my 17-40 wide-angle lens.

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