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Another Bloody Tax

Now I’m the first to admit that I don’t follow the news too closely nor do care too much for the doom and gloom that appears to be popular diet of the major broadcasters, but one topic which has me a little wound up is the carbon tax due to be introduced in Australia on the 1st July 2012.

I do consider myself a bit of a greenie, and I do acknowledge that we have to be part of the global solution to climate change, but I’m still confused…..

It confounds me that the government is going to tax the biggest polluters in the nation, the government will then use those taxes to pay concessions to lower-income earners (tax cuts), giving carbon credits to the low emitting business, preserving jobs for the people in high polluting business (up to $9 Billion if what I read is correct) and giving extra money to Seniors and self funded retiree’s (who should be getting the bloody money anyway). The PM says that these taxes will encourage the polluters to clean up their act – bullshit ! they’ll just pass on the cost to the next poor bastard down the line, and so on it will go, until the consumer is the one who gets jabbed in the wallet.

Another thing I don’t understand is, if this is all about encouraging cleaner energy why is it, that it doesn’t seem to matter how efficiently you convert the raw materials into energy but only how much you use. So one assumes there is no encouragement for innovative ideas for more efficient use of the current mainstream fuel sources? The trucking industry for one has reduced its green house output and particulates significantly over the last 20 years, but when the tax comes in for road transport in 2014, up will go the prices again and all their hard work to keep it industry viable will be kicked in the guts once again, and we the consumer at the very tip of Australia who rely on Diesel powered transport (both trucks and trains) for all of our commodities will be jabbed double.

If they truly want to encourage innovative use of existing fuel sources and look for new and cleaner ways to produce energy why not adopt a similar system to that which was brought in for training many years ago (I think it was in the Howard years to try to up skill Australia to be more competitive) which forced all business’ earning over a specified amount to invest X% of their profits into training, in this case it would be to fund cleaner energy sources etc, it wouldn’t matter if it was sponsorship of research by the CSIRO, or the upgrading of old inefficient plant etc..at least the money would be going to something which would have a direct and tangible effect on the environment, instead of just increasing taxes.

I’ll admit to being a simple bloke who loves his family, watching a bit of motor racing, sharing a cold beer or glass of red with friends, and most of all I like being in the bush taking a picture or three. I pay my taxes, and I’ve always worked pretty hard to earn enough coin to get the toys I have, and to travel to the places that I’ve been. I’m not wealthy, but I’m not on the bones of my arse either, but it seems to me that the harder or smarter I work to get ahead the more the government wastes my taxes and puts the burden back on to middle class Australia. Lower wage earners get the tax breaks, higher wage earners manage to get out of paying much tax due to all sorts of concessions, investment breaks etc so while their pay check is increasing or unaffected, I’ll watch mine go down while I foot the bill for every other bastard (with exception to the diggers, and pensioners that helped to make this great country what it is today) and I suppose I’ll just have to be happy with that!!

Believe me I’ve tried to see some benefit in this new tax but all I see is some of my pay packet going to someone else with no real environmental benefit to any single Australian.

Just my point of view…

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