Fogg Dam


Well today was my lovely wifes birthday – ‘what did you do for her’ I hear you ask.. well as it happens she had to work which left me free to go out to fogg dam for a bit of a wildlife session.

I thought as we’re right at the end of the dry there should be a concentration of birds around permanent water – but I was wrong..

Still, it was really very pleasant, I enjoy just being out in the bush so much that I was just walking around soaking up the environment and I didn’t really take some shots I probably should have.

As is always the case though, when I wanted my tripod instead of my monopod it was in the car, when I was carrying three lenses I only used one, and inevitably when I was only carrying one lens I wanted to change it ???

Ahh well, I enjoyed my morning and will now take my lovely wife to dinner.

Hope you enjoy the photo’s.

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